Thursday, July 5, 2012

Can Nail Biting Affect Your Social Life?

Nail biting looks like a harmless habit on first glance. However, anyone who has ever suffered from it knows better. The habit can negatively impact many aspects of a person's life, from health to the overall contentment.
In this article, I would like to make clear what kind of effects the condition of biting your fingernails can have on the social life of an individual.
Nail biters are constantly trying to conceal their hands from the eyes of strangers, friends and even their own family. They do their best to keep them hidden under the table, put them in their pockets or simply fold them in a way that doesn't allow others to see them.
Besides, when someone actually catches a look of their short, misformed fingernails, they are embarrassed and ashamed of their own ability to stop chewing them. The feeling of being talked to about the fingernails is often underrated, but it can seriously impact a person's psyche.
Especially in job interviews, family gatherings, at a dinner table or when on a date, the habit can take away valuable energy that could have been used for other tasks such as focusing better on the conversation or being more relaxed in general.
The hands are always in view, and that's exactly what makes this habit so embarrassing. Merely holding a glas, signing a check at the supermarket checkout or doing one-on-one work with a client can be highly shameful. Since the hands are being used for a great range of activities such as reading a book, writing and countless other things, nail biters must continually strive to keep their hands out of sight from the curious gazes of those around them.
When sitting in school or university, holding a presentation in front of a large group of people, the side-effects of this habit can even be amplified. The presenter has problems gesturing or expressing himself properly due to the constant preoccupation with hiding the hands. Just imagine a situation in which someone from the audience comments on your short nails and red, puffy cuticles.
In general, one can say that the habit can have a great impact on a person's social life, from dating to family gathering to hanging out with friends. The habit can even be amplified in settings such as a job interview or a presentation in school/work.
Although it might seem far-fetched, biting your fingernails can have an enormous effect on your social life

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